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Game Sites

A Design Review Of The Top 8 Gaming Sites

Video games are the in thing today and many people, both children and adults enjoy them a lot. There are so many things that constitute a good game and the design is one of them. Due to the fact that people will want a good video game from anywhere, there are people that will look for online gaming sites just to have a chance to play a good game.

This review talks about the top 8 gaming sites to give you an idea of what lies out there.


1.      Games in Game

If you love simplicity, this would be the best blog that you could come across. From the moment the page loads, you see simplicity in everything. This blogger does not waste time in explaining what his blog about; after all, if you are looking for a gaming blog you know what it is about.

Even though the site has used very little colours, the design has ensured that the colour is maximized at the point of explaining a game. Besides every game, there is an explanation giving the most basis details of the game in a clear and humorous manner. The game pictures, if nothing else will give you a reason to want to play the games.

2.      Top game magazines

This is a blog that will give you information on the best and most popular fighting games there are. Like most gaming blogs, the owner does not waste time in explanations on the first page but creates a specific page for anyone who would like to read about the blog. Additionally, the blog has maximized its potential by having links to online gaming and online game buying among others.

A notable thing is that this blog has advertisements one of them being Google Mail. The blog has capitalized on the explanation of games and colour has mostly been used herein. If you love fighting games, this would be a good blog to start with.

3.      Mobile Games

This blog is mostly known for its variety as it does not stick to just one game genre. The blogger has not held back as far as colour is concerned as you will note several colour blends while touring his page.

The basic content for the blog is explanations to games and where to find to them One notable thing is that the blog makes every effort to make sure that it provides information for all types of operating systems to make it easier for one to navigate it. The best thing about this blog is the sub-division of sections showing latest games and best games. This enables one to get what they want with little effort.

4.      Game-Infos

If all you want is a review of the best games available, then this will be the blog post for you. This is one of the blogs that will keep you occupied for the better part of the day due to the quality of the reviews.

Once you are done with the reviews, you will be free to visit other sections of the site like games and downloads to get your favourite games. The blog is linked to some of the most popular social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Most of the advertisements on the page have to do with gaming so you will not be distracted at all.

5.      Hisar Games

This blog is one of the most ultimate of video game guides. Once on it, you will notice how it appears like a collection of news articles only for you to read deeper and notice that the articles are about games.

One unique thing about this blog is that allows users to create their own accounts through which they get the latest guides. The blog is top notch as it is updated almost on a daily basis. In addition, the blog links every gaming article to other articles related to it so you will not fall short of information while on this blog.

6.      My Game Directory

Complexity and content are the two words that would be used to describe this blog. It is rich in the content and the reason for this might be because it allows individuals to post their reviews on games they have played. The site has remained ranked high as it informs the gaming world of all that is happening through the blog design.

The design brings along sections that hold the latest news, latest reviews and editorials. Once you have been through this, you get a chance to write what you think on the forum section of the blog. Colour has mainly been used in the game photos and a few advertisements here and there.

7.      The Lone Gamer

This is another cool blog that will give you the coolest information on games from the perspective of one person. The blogger has updated this site with the help of web design specialists to make look more enticing. In addition, there are quite a number of advertisements on the blog and may be they bring in some cash.

The design in itself is simple in that it uses a regular colour pattern and this makes it very consistent. In addition, it has templates that explain who the lone gamer is and once done with this, you get several other templates on every game genre there is. These templates are then linked to the games themselves.

8.      Opposable Thumbs – Ars Technica

This blog is most notable for the advertisements on it. To begin, the blog advertises smart phones. However, creativity in the design has made sure that while advertising smart phones, games that are compatible with the particular model are reviewed.

A part from the advertisements, the blog design uses colour to make it attractive and there are links here and there to the most popular social sites. The site designer has also made it possible for users to create their own accounts and receive regular updates on gaming matters. Open forums allow one to post their opinion on a game they loved.

Finance Sites

Top 8 Financial Websites Design Review


The Internet has made it very possible to get all the information that one needs in a very short time. This is mainly through the use of websites and blogs. The sites use the best of design ideas to remain top of the game.

As far as finance is concerned, the sites have to be very professional as the content dealt with is of a high professional nature. In addition, these sites are very compressed to hold a lot of content and the 8 paragraphs below describe some popular finance sites and how their design has helped them remain popular.

  1. 1.      The Wall Street Journal

This is one of the most popular of the finance sites. It is basically a financial news centre for online users. One of the things that you will note about is that colour has been used on a minimum. The only areas you see colour is on the photos that have to do with people involved in the financial world.

One of the most functional parts is the search area that allows users to search any piece of news, quotes, companies and finance related videos on the site. The website manages to contain a lot of information as it is divided to many templates, over ten in number, each with its own specific content as far as finance is concerned.

  1. 2.      RTT News

This website has used design to make it one of the most well organized sites available. It normally deals with financial stuff on the forex and currency angle but you will notice templates that give information on other sectors. The site is not about entertainment so the design has not embraced the use of colour.

The templates make the site unique as they have been used to give information on other issues that relate to finance policies like health and politics. The design has used the best technology to make sure that the pages load fast to retain bloggers. Advertisements have been kept on a minimum and they are placed as you scroll down the page.

  1. 3.      Market Watch

As you may have come to expect from these financial sites, they hold a lot of information and this makes them very condensed. Despite this, Market Watch has still managed to find a bit of space for advertisements but you will again note that all the advertisements have something to do with finance.

They are placed on the right hand side of the website. The site is designed in such a way that it holds several templates that pop up the moment you place the cursor on them to give you an idea on what they contain which is plenty. The use of colour is as well kept on a minimum and the site has links to almost all the most popular social sites.

  1. 4.      Financial Times

This is one of the finance sites that have not been scared as far as colour use is concerned. The normal sites are black and white but this one will give you a cream background making it look very welcoming. The colour is spread out all over the site and it is the main theme as other colours have been used very selectively.

The unique thing about the design of this site is that the main widgets have sub widgets under them to enable one access what they need fast. The moment you click on widget, the main widget opens and then the sub widgets display below the main column. Best Business Services.

  1. 5.      Bloomberg

This is yet another well know financial markets website and the most notable thing about it is that it has not blocked advertisements on its pages. The right hand side of the site holds several advertisements on various items such as games and phones. As with any good financial site, it has a functional search bar that allows users to search for content within the site.

The site has also used many templates to enable it hold a lot of information and one thing you will note about the pages is that they are very long and you have to scroll for a while before getting to the bottom. Top Credit Cards

  1. 6.      Il Sole 24 Ore

This site is mostly known for its advertisements. Of all the above design reviews, this is the design that has allowed for most advertisements. However, the design has made sure that they are strategically placed to make sure they don’t limit the amount of information on the site. The finance material is in form of articles and they are placed all across the site on a horizontal plane to make the site hold more.

Due to these advertisements, the website has used a lot of colour so it is more fun to look at than most finance websites. To hold more information, the pages have templates and are long vertically and this does not compromise the content on them. Finance Blog

  1. 7.      Financial News

This is a very dedicated site in that it does not deal with anything else other than matters finance. The area of specialization is private equity and money management. The area that has been capitalized on this site is the use of templates and widgets as it has more than twenty of them.

This is very creative designing as it has enabled the site to hold tones of information. The design has made the inclusion of main widgets and sub widgets to make this possible. The colour use is quite standard and mainly the tittles to articles are coloured and this might be because they are linked. Hel money

  1. 8.      The Street

This is unique in its own way since it has made use of both advertisements and content in every page. However, the advertisements are only for those who fund the site. As you read stuff on the website, you will enjoy the use of colour that has been used all over the site.

It does not matter what widget or sub widget you are on, colour will be everywhere. The articles are linked so the design enables you to move from one widget to another in a fast way. To make it popular, it is linked to almost all social sites. Finance-Ben

Finance and Games – Design Reviews